Modern Turkish Language and Culture Summer Program

This summer, Sabancı University will offer an intensive Turkish language program for foreigners who would like to learn Turkish. It is specially designed for adults who want to learn or improve their Turkish, and is available at 3 different levels. The program enables students to not only learn Turkish, but also improve their knowledge of Turkish history and culture.


·         The program consists of 3 different levels: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced level focusing on Reading.

·         The objectives have been determined in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages;

(A1-A2)    Basic
(B1-B2)    Intermediate
(C1-C2)    Advanced

·         The program starts on tba and ends on tba.

·      All students are required to take a Placement Exam to measure their proficiency level in Turkish language. Then students will be enrolled in the Modern Turkish Language  courses according to their proficiency level.

·         Classes will be held on the first four days of each week for a total of 20 hours.

·         Sabancı University international students who complete the program will get 6 SU Credits.(12 ECTS)

·         Accommodation can be arranged in the dormitories of Sabancı University, İstanbul



The program offers a number of seminars exploring diverse aspects of Turkish culture. Our guest speakers will give talks on history, economics, politics, literature, fine arts, classical Turkish music, etc.   In addition, a series of Turkish movies will be screened and discussed within the framework of Turkish culture.



So as to meet the specified objectives through an intensive program, each of these three courses concentrates on the following skills or areas:

Beginner: Grammar and vocabulary, reading, writing, speaking
Intermediate: Grammar and vocabulary, reading, writing, speaking
Advanced: Reading, speaking and writing based on academic texts.

Accordingly each exam is composed of following skills: Reading Comprehension (30%), Grammar&Vocabulary (40%), and Writing (30%).

Assessment weighting: Final Exam (40%), Midterm (25%), Quiz (15%), Homeworks (10%), and Attendance (10%)

The total exposure to Turkish language and culture will be around 160-180 hours, consisting of 140 hours of teaching and learning in the classroom with the rest ocurring during extracurricular activities and field trips.


TUR 113/513 - Basic Turkish

TUR 113 and TUR 513 work books (BASIC) at Cemil Copy Center.
Learning Turkish Step by Step(Beginner Book) Available at HOMER.
Content - based Turkish 1(BASIC) at Cemil Copy Center.

TUR 223/523 - Intermediate Turkish

Learning Turkish Step by Step (Intermediate book) Available at HOMER.
TUR 223 and TUR 523 work books (INTERMEDIATE) at Cemil Copy Center.
Content - based Turkish 2 (INTERMEDIATE) at Cemil Copy Center.

TUR405/505 - Advanced Readings in Turkish for Foreigners Reading list to be announced during the class.



The program contains classes based on knowledge of grammar, vocabulary exercises, contextual readings, texts on cultural issues, newspaper/journal hours, drama sessions, role cards and games, competition hours, puzzle activities, debates, thematic presentations, documentary/movie hours and speaking sessions on these visual texts, music archive hours and speaking on these audio texts, talking and writing about historical-cultural photographs, academic and non-academic writing, and Turkish as colloquial language.




After she completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Turkish Language and Literature at Bosphorus University, she taught Turkish to the students at Michigan State University as a volunteer between the years 1992-1994. After coming back to Turkey she continued to tutor to expatriates and businessmen living in Turkey. 

She has written two books: Learning Turkish Step by Step (a beginner book with CD), and Learning Turkish Step by Step (An intermediate class book with CD)

Both of them are grammar and exercise books to facilitate communications between foreigners and Turkish people. She has her own website to teach Turkish for foreigners.

She has worked at İstanbul United States Consulate for 17 years and currently she is teaching at Sabancı University as a Turkish Instructor.






He got his Bachelor of Arts degree in Turkish Language and Literature at Bosphorus University and his Master of Arts degree in cultural studies at İstanbul Bilgi University. He completed his PhD in Turkish Studies at Leiden University, the Netherlands.

He has been an instructor at the School of Languages at Sabancı University since 2000. He is the coordinator of the Turkish language courses offered at the School of Languages and teaches Turkish communication, modern Turkish literatüre and Turkish for foreigners courses.




Graduated from Bosphorus University. He got his Bachelor of Arts degree in Turkish Language and Literature Department.


Tamer Kütükçü worked at the same department as a ‘research-assistent’ (2000-2003), he also taught ‘Turkish as a second language’ at the Turkish Language and Culture Program for Foreigners of Bosphorus University (1998-2002). Since 2003, he has been an instructor of ‘Turkish Literature’ and ‘Turkish for foreigners’ at Sabancı University. His areas of interests are Turkish literatüre (texual analyzing, creative writing), classical Turkish music (sociology of music, voice and performance techniques) and Turkish as a second language (‘content-based’ teaching)



Modern Turkish Language and Culture Summer Program Fees  
PACKAGE 1 (One course fee without accommodation) tba
PACKAGE 2 (1 course + accommodation in a 4-person room) tba
PACKAGE 3 (1 course + accommodation in a 2-person room) tba
Application Fee $50

* Sabancı University reserves the right to make changes in any summer programs.
* Sabancı graduate students, Sabancı employees and their family members can pay 50% off.
* All Sabancı students can pay the program fee in 2 instalments.
*VAT is included in all prices.


All students should apply online to the program. Online Application dates will be announced.

Registration dates will be announced. 

Since course capacity is limited, and applications will be evaluated immediately, we suggest you to reserve your seat as early as possible.

In order to be considered for admission, your application must be completed and submitted, and application fee should be paid by tba or before. Please follow the instructions on Online Application form, and do not forget to upload the following documents:

  • Photograph
  • Transcript
  • English Proficiency Exam Result (Graduates or currently enrolled students of universities where medium of teaching is English do not need to take an English proficiency test.)